Europe up to 1600

Welcome to WDF! Our new season starts here, with another war you're likely unaware of, but that is more than likely to tickle your diplomatic fancies. Herein lies the tale of Pope Julius II, ridiculous friend swapping and some other ground in between. Let me know what you think, and welcome back! Thankssss!

Episode: Hello history friends, and welcome to the wonderful story of the Dutch. At times it can get a tad confusing, but in terms of significant events in Medieval Europe there's few that come close to the importance of this little grouping of provinces. Settle down and relax, as I take you through a land and story that has beena long time coming on this podcast for a long time. Thanksssss!

TALK: SUCCESS! Welcome to the suplementary TALK episode on the Dutch Revolt that myself and my often present host Sean did on a rare sunny day. We hope you enjoy the ins and outs of the detail we go into, let us know what you thought as always! Thanksssss

Hello history friends, here we are at last to cover the next aspect of our 16th century narrative: the Spanish Armada. Think you know the story? Have a listen, you may surprise yourself. Today we are packed with the kind of diplomacy you love so what are you waiting for? Make like a 16th century monarch and take what you want! Also, keep your ears peeled for a special guest, never before seen on WDF before! Thanksssss