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What does When Diplomacy Fails do…

Good question! Among other things - we make podcasts! Podcasts are programs that contain spoken word, episodes if you like, that involve a person or group of people talking about a subject of interest. In this case, the interest of this podcast is wars throughout history and why they happen.  My name is Zack Twamley, and I'm a historian, with a masters and a book to my name, with another on the way, but most importantly, I'm the guy in charge of everything When Diplomacy Fails (otherwise known as WDF). I research the episodes, write the notes, type the scripts, record the voices, edit the mistakes and then add our signature background noises. All in all, it's quite a laborious process, but it's well worth it!

As of May 2018 we are not only 6 years old, but over 4 million downloads strong! I have you, my faithful listeners to thank for that: some of you have been with me since day one! This website is our space on the web that will hopefully make getting to know WDF that much easier, and it should make doing BEFIT and encouraging you guys to support the podcast that much easier too! Haha! Make sure to follow the different links in the boxes below, and you'll be taken to the podcast feed, the shop, the blog and the XTRA feed for Patrons. Have a mess around, and thanksss for stopping by history friends!


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Why not subscribe/rate/review on iTunes?

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Support When Diplomacy Fails Podcast on Patreon! Thanksssss!

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