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This is the place where you can peruse my wares! You'll notice that there's no 'buy me' or 'add to cart' - that's because we're cutting out the middleman, so make sure to email me about your order through wdfpodcast@hotmail.com and remember also to use the subject title 'Shop' if you want to draw my attention, and we can take it from there!

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Essentially I'll send you a PayPal invoice for your stuffs, or we can do a direct bank transfer if that's more you thing! Prices as listed are in euros unless otherwise stated, and while this seems pricey remember it is a one man show, sort of, and that the major purpose of the merch is to market this baby out there, largely through my lovely Patrons! Either way Quartermaster Dad and I will be standing by, and I'm super excited to take your order history friend! Thankssss!

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A Matter of Honour - Britain in the First World War. Signed/Unsigned

By Zack Twamley

This is our first book - an it is in many ways based upon the shell of a dissertation I completed for my Masters in International History from 2014-15. Within this book I example the entry of Britain into the First World War; I ask whether it is accurate to portray the war in the traditional sense of right against wrong, and I denote the heavy undertones of moralism and high minded rhetoric which characterised the run up to the conflict, as well as the circumstances which followed the actual declaration of war. It is a story of intrigue, of debate, of fiercely contested opinions and of forgotten background emotions, all of which guided Britain to act as it did in 1914. So I hope you will give it a read, and remember if you want a signed copy, you need only ask!

Price: 20

[remember to let me know who I should make it out to, and remember also that $20 Patrons for WDF will get all upcoming books signed by me as per their rewards, so if you are a Foreign Secretary reading this right now, don't try to buy me!]


WDF Logo Keyring

Represent when you're out and about with an official WDF keyring! Attaches to all good sets of keys, and promises that you'll never lose them again because it's so satisfyingly large. Made with hard plastic and reinforced for all good diplomatic debates, this guy won't let you down!


NOTE: multiple small merchandise items are available to purchase as per the Diplomat's Care Package deal, which will only be available for a limited time!
NOTE: that Diplomats on Patreon ($5 per month) will get such a package sent to them as per their rewards, just so you know!


WDF Logo Badge

If you have yourself a bag, and believe it could do it with some sprucing up, or make one of those beanie hats that just don't do it for you anymore - why not invest in one of these bad boys? Highly visible, hard plastic and durable pin, with a logo you can trust and a podcast you already love! How could you possible say no? Try a pin for yourself today!


WDF Logo Pen

They do say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and whether or not that is true, you'd certainly be ahead of the curve with this slick instrument here. Emblazoned proudly with WDF's logo on its side, writing in black ink with a durable grip on that part of the pen that hurts your finger after an intense note taking session, this pen works like a charm. It writes smoothly and comfortably, and is a must for any would be history friend.


WDF Fridge Magnet Strips

Is your fridge somewhat barren, or devoid of things that make you happy? WDF cannot feed you, at least not yet, but we can make the process of going towards your fridge that much more special. These two thin, shiny and vibrant fridge magnets are a great companion to any history friend's home, and they make it clear that you are willing to represent no matter the utensil!

PRICE: 2 for 1

NOTE: the fridge magnets won't hold up large pieces of paper or weight notices against your fridge, but they will represent, and now that both models can be yours for just 1 euro - how could you resist?


Fans of beer and other bottled substances, rejoice! We finally got around to developing my personal favourite piece of merchandise - the bottle opener. It comes complete with a keyring so that you won't lose it, and after having tested it out numerous times myself (hic!) I can vouch for its effectiveness. It comes in a mighty dark red colour, with the logo front and centre as always. This should make telling somebody that much easier - next time you see a would-be history friend struggling with an unopened bottle, offer them a hand with one of these. Tell them where you got it, and tell them who sent you!

Price: 6 or two for 10

NOTE: Patrons at the $7 level of support or higher will get one of these as per their delivered merchandise rewards, so make sure to sit back and wait rather than buying one here if that applies to you!

WDF Bumper Sticker Mark 1 [15 Remaining]

This was the first stab I made at bumper sticker crafting, and in many ways I am well pleased. It should go without saying that this sticker is durable, it's hard wearing and will stick to ANYTHING you apply it to, not just a car. Whether that appeals to you or not, consider that the sticker is oval shaped, with the WDF Logo and 'History Friend On Board' added in for effect. If you are interested in bumper stickers to spice up your life, and pass the great message of WDF onto a wider audience while you drive that little bit slower in front of them, then this is the gift for you! Remember to keep an eye out for Mark 2 of the WDF Bumper Sticker, which promises to be rectangular and even better engineered towards getting history friends pointed in our direction and checking out our stuff, but not while driving!


NOTE: Purchase of this bumper sticker grants you 50% off the purchase of the Mark 2 bumper sticker, which will be available in time! 


WDF Mugs and other quality drinking implements

This is the place to make yourself acquainted with our wide selection of mugs, 6 in total, all of which are unique and tell a special story. I should add that Patrons who pay $15 or more a month will get a mug as per their rewards, so don't go buying one here if that happens to be you! Mugs in this case are divided into two categories, the logo and the special. The former includes the WDF Logo mug and the Faces of Diplomacy mug, while the latter includes the themed mugs, which take on a certain tier of the Patreon profile and theme a mug around that individual. These mugs thus rank as Cardinal Richelieu [$25 p/m] Lord Derby [$30 p/m] Prince Metternich [$40 p/m] and finally of course, Bismarck [$50 p/m]. Because these ranked tiers are obviously expensive, I wanted to make them special to those that patronise me at that level. Therefore, the special mugs have a higher price tag than the logo mugs, which I hope you lovely would-be shoppers will understand. It should also be said that actually posting somewhat heavy things can be both somewhat expensive and take a bit of time, so please be patient with Quartermaster Dad and I as we work through these kinks to bring you your lovely products - I promise it will be worth it in the end!


The standard history friend beverage container, and one which does a great job both of advertising your lovely support, and of showing your style. You'll never want to avoid drinking from a mug again with this bad boy - polished white with red within and on the handle, our logo centered on the mug and 'thankssss for being such a good history friend' emblazoned across the side of it. I am quite proud of this design, and it comes as default within the rewards of all Permanent Under Secretaries ($15 p/m), so if this is you, do not go buying this mug here!




This sister mg of the WDF logo is designed to give a would be history friend a perfect introduction into the figures we have covered and those we plan to cover in the future. Across its front are the images of the great figures Louis XIV, Prince Metternich, Otto von Bismarck, Lord Derby and Henry Kissinger - all great men, diplomatists and authors of failed diplomacy in their own right, and men of profound importance for our pod over the last five years. The mug maintains a shined white base with a black interior and handle to emphasise these great men of history. They could not be called great in any kind of moral sense, but they were unquestionably men of formidable character of vision, and they all belong on this glorious mug. Remember, those that are Permanent Under Secretaries ($15 p/m) will be able to get either this guy or design #1 as per their rewards, so if that's you, don't go buying this here, unless of course you want both!




Cardinal Richelieu was on of the most profoundly important French statesmen of the 17th century. He led France through its thirty years war experience, and his vision for French security and French advantage commanded into being the situation which saw the French, Dutch and Swedes rallied against the Habsburgs in the dying days of that conflict. He inspired his protogé, Cardinal Mazarin, to follow on in his example, ensuring that the man had a legacy on France which spanned at least two generations, and ended only with the accession of Louis XIV to his personal rule following Mazarin;s death. The man is thus deserving of his status on this mug, and as the eponymous $25 p/m tier which grants Patrons this mug as per their rewards. It comes emblazoned in a striking red hue on the interior and handle of the mug, while Richelieu's holy Cardinal's robes complete the colour theme, presenting him in different phases of his life and career; as first minister, Cardinal and the quintessential saviour of France on the international stage. He deserves to form part of your cupboard, so grab one of these bad boys now!




Prince Metternich resembled the last gasp of the Habsburgs in the first half of the 19th century, and as a statesmen in that era he is second arguably only to Bismarck. By paying through then nose here, or by selecting the Prince Metternich tier on our Patreon $30 p/m) you too can avail of Metternich the man and the legend next time you desire a lovely beverage. In many ways Metternich was one of the most profoundly important diplomatists Austria has ever produced, and if you're the kind of person that likes to drink to him and his talents, look no further than this mug. Emblazoned upon it are the varied faces of Metternich, as he and the system in which he operated changed and aged. Enjoy this vibrant piece of Metternich's history, and propose a toast to the Habsburgs for one last time.

Price: 30


Henry Morton Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby (pronounced 'Darby') was a figure of immense importance for British politics in the latter 19th century. His life, career and exploits were mostly overshadowed by the man he served under as his PM and personal friend, Benjamin Disraeli, most notably during that man's premiership from 1874-80. During this period of time, Derby and Disraeli were driven further and further apart as events abroad and at home shaped and moulded each man into vastly different images of the British Conservative Statesman, until by the end of his premiership, Derby would have moved towards the Liberals, and what it meant to be a Tory was forever changed. Derby played a profoundly important part in this process, as he served as Foreign Secretary at a time when Britain's major enemy, Russia, waged a destructive war against the Turks. Would Britain intervene or remain aloof? These were questions which defined both men, and it would rip their friendship apart in the process. We here at WDF covered Derby's story during our ongoing project known as Britain Goes To War, and you can take a trip back down memory lane here with a mug designed specially to commemorate this much maligned and highly underrated British statesman of the old school. The mug maintains a black theme throughout, with Derby's face and title emblazoned across the width of it. Do justice to one of Britain's political greats, or become a Patron at the $40 level to avail of this mug as per your Patreon rewards.


WDF SPECIAL MUGS #4: The Bismarck

The greatest of all mugs, because all mugs were not created equal, despite what they may tell you. This is the purest sign of your dedication to this podcast, which is why it comes with such a hefty price tag - only those that truly pay for it, either by being a Bismarck tiered Patron [$50 p/m] or by paying through the nose here, will earn the right to call themselves a Bismarck. Once you get your hands on it, know that you are part of an elite club, and that Otto himself would surely have raised his own drink to you, though he certainly would have had a more alcoholic drink in his hand. The mug itself holds a strong blue theme throughout, with Otto von Bismarck's full name led across the width of the mug, as different images portraying him at different stages in his life are brought forward, bringing you, in the process, closer to the man they call the Iron Chancellor



WDF Clothing Merchandise; Hoodies, T-Shirts and More!

Here at WDF we understand that all history friends like to look their base from day to day. It's this belief that has inspired us to continually update our available clothing lines. When we first started, t-shirts were merely a pipe dream, and since then we've moved forward to partner with a great t-shirt making service, as well directly organise to get our own produced to order, as you like them. We have many ideas for WDF's t-shirts going forward, not to mention hoodies on top of everything else. These bad boys are of course blatantly pricey, but if monies aren't an issue to you then this is definitely the best place to order your desired WDF clothes! I should of course add that different tiers of support on patreon will net you some sweet clothing deals as well, so make sure to check the reward tiers before you buy here, as certain levels will net you one t-shirt a year, and even hoodies!

Remember to check out our partners designs here if you don't see what you like here! Other than that, below are the made to order tees and hoody, so please remember to allow for a few week's production time, as it is just myself and Quartermaster Dad at work here!


Our freshest and most fabulous t-shirt. The original history friend will clothe themselves proudly in this striking tee, representing on the front with the classic WDF logo, and on the back with the website, and our slogan "Where History Thrives". It's a serious addition to your wardrobe, and is sure to make all true history friends jealous, so get yours today!


Franz Ferdinand's July Crisis European Tour T-Shirt

To celebrate the fact that we are five years podcasting, I asked my Patrons to decide what new merch they'd like me to develop, and they chose t-shirt! With that in mind I set to crafting a new tee design based on arguably my most popular podcast series, the July Crisis Anniversary Project, which I undertook in 2014 to coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. With all that said, I'd like to present this gorgeous new tee to the budding history friend. Developed with historical satire in mind, the tee takes the form of a hypothetical concert tour, which is ironic considering the fact that Franz Ferdinand is of course a band (and released a song called Take Me Out). A cartoon version of Franz Ferdinand's face is on the front of the tee, with the words "Franz Ferdinand's July Crisis European Tour, 1914" emblazoned on the front. The back of the tee though is arguably where the design truly shines. Each major date of the July Crisis, from 28th June when the assassin Gavrilo Princip struck his mark, to the 4th August when Britain gets involved, is listed as though serving as a stop-off point for a concert tour. The idea translated really well onto the tee, and as a celebration of all things WDF over the last five years, I feel it does a perfect job, so I hope you enjoy the t-shirt!


[For the month of June only, this t-shirt will be available for the special price of 20 euro!]


If you weren't satisfied with merely wearing your tee, take your merchandising one step higher. Only the bravest of history friends will willingly rely on me to keep them warm, but by purchasing this bad boy that's exactly  what you're doing! On the front we have the logo to the right, as our lovely model here demonstrates. On the back is the phrase 'where history thrives', as that is precisely what we aim to be here at WDF. It comes with a hardy zip, two front pockets, and a large enough hood to fit in my head, which is always a good thing! Unfortunately, as you've likely also noted, these hoodies come with a fairly hefty price tag. Again, this high cost is due to the fact that Patrons will get one as per their rewards if they pledge $40 or more a month. Yet, it's also due this time around to the high production cost, which in order to break even requires me to charge far more than I'd like. As someone who has enjoyed this product first hand, as you can see, I can recommend it to you guys. Make sure to denote your size to me when ordering, as that is generally important. Let's represent history friends!