Every now and then I've found a bit of detail is necessary to update you guys as to what's going on with me. Maybe you don't care, maybe your world revolves around me - either way this is the best way to catch up with me or to find out the latest news.


In the first State of the Podcast Address, I looked at the next phase of the podcast and which era we were set to focus on next after so much 19th century related fun. In fact, since I made this announcement we haven't looked back, and virtually every episode since April 2013 has followed on from this era!


The plan going forward - where I hope to apply for my PhD in history and how it may affect this podcast if I get in. Major thanks to everyone for sticking with me!


I GOT IN! This is the official notice to say that BOTH Cambridge and Oxford have accepted me as a PhD in History candidate. Here's what it means for WDF, why it's so exciting and how you can help!


Hey, sometimes things don't go according to plan. The money didn't work out for Oxbridge, so that dream of attending the best Uni' for history in the world has to be put on hold for now. On the one hand, that's a big kick, but on the other, it ain't so bad. I'm getting married soon, and I have been offered a great job in an area which really interests me, so all is not lost!