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The Thirty Years War - 400 Years Later.

To mark the fact that 2018 is a very special anniversary, and because I have to write a book about the event anyway, I decided to turn my podcasting attentions to the Thirty Years War (1618-48) once again. Unlike my first visit to this conflict, this time I have a great portion of it planned, and I will be designing it specifically to appeal to those that are interested in the era, but also intimidated by the range of characters and issues on offer. There is a lot to be fascinated and excited by in this series, so I hope you will join me for the journey, however long it takes.

A new episode on the Thirty Years War will be released every Wednesday from 20th June, but before then When Diplomacy Fails will be focusing all of its attentions on the conflict, so make sure you check out our podcast feed here, and subscribe so you always get the latest content directly to your player. Remember as well that our social media platforms are great ways to find Thirty Years War content too - we release regular pieces on important and interesting details relating to that conflict, so check our Facebook page out, follow us on Twitter and join our lovely Facebook group if you're feeling sociable.

This section of the website has been specifically designed to hold everything relevant to the Thirty Years War series. Below you'll find:

 Frederick V of the Palatinate, one of the most important figures in the initial stage of the conflict.

Frederick V of the Palatinate, one of the most important figures in the initial stage of the conflict.

  • the most recent episodes (nearest to the top of the page).
  • introductory episodes to get you familiar with the conflict if you're a complete noob, in both audio and written format.
  • links to any articles which I believe would be useful.
  • relevant images and other details.
  • the bibliography, when I eventually finish this series and book, in a time far from now...


Useful Materials

  • This episode which will introduce people of all knowledge levels to the conflict. Download the script of it right here.
  • We've been delivering a lot of regular detail on the Thirty Years War through social media, and you can find a document containing all of that work in one place right here.

Episodes in the Thirty Years War Series


Latest: Thirty Years War Prologue

1618-2018 - on this day 400 years ago, one of the most destructive conflicts in human history erupted within the walls of Prague's Hradschin Castle. As we recount here, the conflict was neither all the fault of the Bohemians, nor sustained by them for very long. Instead, several factors prolonged the conflict and kept Europe in rapture for three decades. For the next year or so, we here at WDF want to bring you on a journey into this conflict, on a scale and with an attention to detail which you have never known before.

We start on that morning - it's just after 8AM on the morning of 23rd May, 1618, and you've agreed to meet a friend of yours. The two of you, along with several others, have agreed to do something radical...

Thirty Years War Intro 2 & 3: TALK I & TALK II

Happy birthday to us! When Diplomacy Fails is 6 years old today, and to celebrate we're jumping right into the Thirty Years War once again, with another intro episode (2/5) this one looking at the timeline of the conflict up to the year 1635, but with a twist. I'm not by myself this time - today I am joined by TALK episode guest Sean. Far too much happens to really summarise here, but as usual, skip ahead past the BEFIT rundown for the bulk of the episode, and make sure to let me know what you thought. Then, Sean returns for Part 2 of the TALK episode, and we take the story from 1635 and discuss several battles, characters and important diplomatic developments before concluding on the Peace of Westphalia. Hopefully this will get you pumped for all the content that is to come

Thirty Years War Intro 1: Who's Who/What's What

We're jumping back into the Thirty Years War and this is all super exciting, but to some of you guys it may also be a tad overwhelming, as a lot of unfamiliar stuff is about to be thrown at you. With that in mind, this episode is designed to familiarise you with the main themes, the most important figures, and the most active powers in Europe at the time.

We'll learn a bit about the constitution of the Holy Roman Empire, meet the Habsburg family, and take a gander at some other related issues in Europe at the time of the outbreak of the conflict in 1618.