The Thirty Years War...

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What can I say that hasn't been said already? Well, as it turns out, i can say a whole lot! Between autumn 2013-summer 2014 i engaged in one of the most fascinating projects of the podcast, on a scale never equaled since. 30 years of conflict ripped through early modern europe between 1618-1648, and during that time period new states rose to the top, old families fell down and religion reached a new level of importance for the sake of national identity and diplomacy. A great deal occurred, too much to really put into a few sentences, but we do our best to analyse the intrinsic parts of the conflict, which propelled this podcast on to the next level, and which set our narrative up for the subsequent five years worth of content.

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To this day the thirty years war stands as one of my listener's favourite projects, but i want to know what you think? this was quite a while ago, arguably before i found my proper speaking voice, but this doesn't mean we don't delve into this conflict on scale not equaled anywhere in any other podcast. We were there before anyone else, and just like everything else we've done, we gave it out all. Gustavus Adolphus, Frederick V, Ferdinand II and even a baby Louis XIV all make an appearance, so jump into the era now, and remember that we have since picked up this story in subsequent episodes.

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Thirty Years War

WHEN? 1618-1648 - what a pleasing timeframe!
WHERE? All across Europe, but mostly in central Germany
WHO? A better question would be who DIDN'T take part. With the exception of England's short cameo, pretty much everyone had a prominent role to play
RELEASED? This Thirty Years War series was released from August 2013 to June 2014.


Episode 1: The End of the 16th Century

We are finally here with the first of 18 parts on the 30 Years War!!! I am very excited, so join me as we look at the rebuilding of France, the failures of Queen Liz' fightback policies, the war within Ireland and much more! 

Episode 2: The Germans and the East

Join me for the second part of our special as I delve into the crazy world of the HRE, the Poles, the Ottomans and more! It's a winding story, but one that is critical to understanding the world that the TYW was in!

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Episode 3: Years of Armed Neutrality

Today we look at Scandinavia and the history of that region; what it meant for the rest of Europe and how Europe saw it. We also look at the truce between the Dutch and Spanish, the regency of Marie de Medici and Spain's Italian preoccupations.

Episode 4: Defenestrating Prague, Again

This time we look at the apparent cause of the war, at least in the beginning. We look at Bohemia, a lovely place, generally, and then analyse Freddy's decision to accept the crown of Bohemia, as well as Ferdinand's general mean-ness. Take a look

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Episode 5: 1620-1623

Here we bring you up to speed on the years that would make the 30 years war; the building blocks of the conflict if you will! We see a Winter King, a broken Truce and a worsening geopolitical situation that Ferdinand in particular is getting ready to chow down on

Episode 6: TALK

Sean joins me for a TALK episode as we run through Europe's pressing issues up to around 1625. Take it for a spin if you want to fill in the gaps and revise in time for the heavy hitters coming your way soon! 

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Episode 7: The End of the 1620s I

Sit back and relax as we look today at the machinations of Fredrick, who was still very much active from the Hague, while the Danes FINALLY make a move, and generalissimo Wallenstein emerges from Ferdinand's sleevey ace thing!

Episode 8: The End of the 1620s II

25.55 looks at Ferdinand's 'fruits of victory' within the HRE: the Edict of Restitution and the problems it was soon to pose. We then examine the changing diplomatic and strategic situation for the Habsburgs, and outline how the Dutch managed to reverse their fortunes.

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Episode 9: 1630-32 I

Today we examine the diplomacy like never before; everyone gets a look in, so sit back and relax as everyone talks very nicely for selfish reasons. Russia, Poland and Sweden make diplomatic waves in the backdrop of widening European conflict, as the war began to spin out of the Habsburg control.

Episode 10: 1630-1632 II

Today we look at Gustavus' legend, imperial goings on and many other issues, as well as the diplomacy you all know and love. How did he manage to turn the tables in Europe, thus putting both Sweden and northern Europe on the map in the process? Find out here, as we examine the political ramifications of Gustav's greatest hits!

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Episode 11: 1632-1635

Today we look at the situation in Europe following the death of Gustavus; Axe Ox's plans for Germany and the increasing comebacks of the Habsburgs. How would Sweden and the Protestants cope without their champion, and what would it provoke from France? Find out here...

Episode 12: 1635-1638

Today we look at the results of Nordlingen, how France justified war and how Sweden and the Dutch tried to hold on despite the new Imperial onslaught. This is a pivotal episode, and explains how the war in Germany became a European war of unimaginable consequences. At its heart, of course, was the old rivalry of Habsburg vs Bourbon.

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Episode 13: 1638-1642

Here we look at the years 1638-42; what everyone was doing and why. Of particular mention is the Spanish ruin in the face of its angry so-called friends, as well as the numerous meetings that would soon form the backbone of Westphalia. Eventually. 

Episode 14: 1642-1645

Nobody told them that Westphalia was due to be signed in a few short years, so there's still plenty going on! Spain continues to shrivel up, while France desperately goes it alone thanks to Swedish preocupation with... well I won't spoil the surprise, you should just know that France and Sweden came a little bit prepared thanks to their requests to ____ to join in the war. Well you can't expect me to give it all away can you?

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Episode 15: Making Westphalia I

So much happens in the years 1645-48 that I elected to split it into 4 more manageable episodes rather than 2 large ones. We jump into the first part here; we establish the major ideas that were going around at the time, and we introduce you to what everyone wanted and what tried to make everyone think they wanted. Thanks!

Episode 16: Making Westphalia II

We continue our narrative here, as everyone decides what it will take to make them make love not war. The Ottomans make a cameo too! What's not to love? 

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Episode 17: Making Westphalia III

We're back with our penultimate episode on the TYW! Within you'll find the final stages of the negotiations, especially those happening in 1646, as all involved try to leverage their way into a better position. Bavaria you sneak thing you!

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Episode 18: Westphalia, Made

Finally, it's been a long time in the making, but we can at last bring you the final part of the WDF special on the TYW. Herein lies the tales that wrap up the most destructive, but also the most important, conflict in the 17th century. Here my thoughts and conclusions on the whole thing, as well as whole raft of thanksssss!

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