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When Diplomacy Fails has been immensely fortunate over the years to have the chance to talk to several interesting people. Be they podcasters, authors or historians, or a mixture of all three, we here at WDF have learned a lot from these folks. Sometimes they appear to talk about a given subject they specialise in, other times they're just there to talk about history and where they fit into it all. Collaborations, or collabs as I like to call them, contain great conversation, interesting revelations and an opportunity to look at historical eras and different people in a new light. As always, yours truly Zack Twamley asks the tough questions (not really), so that you get the best audio experience. Know of someone you'd like to see me talk to in a collab, or maybe you'd like to talk to me yourself? Are you a historian with an upcoming book or a podcaster that I have yet to find, make sure to email me subject 'Collab' and we can take it from there.