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The History Podcasting Platform [HPP] is the place for budding history podcasters to come and gather. This grassroots movement was initiated by yours truly to provide a genuine platform of support for new history podcasters, and to encourage those skeptics to begin their history podcasting journey.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What's all this then?

A: The History Podcasting Platform [HPP] is a free service available to history podcasters at any stage of their journey. I will commit to helping you wherever I can, and I will be providing resources in this section of the website, mostly in the form of blog posts and downloadable documents - all free of charge and aimed at podcasters of all levels!

Q: I am totally lost, and don’t know where to begin!

A: Settle down now! The HPP isn’t yet fleshed out enough to tell you ALL there is to know about history podcasting. I have yet to delve into questions like what host to use, how to write podcasting scripts, what mic to buy and how to edit your shows. I do plan on delving into these questions in the future, but as the PhD has begun, it’s very much TBC. The core group of articles now available assume that you have some measure of knowledge when it comes to podcasting, but remember, any pressing questions can absolutely be sent my way!

Q: So history podcasters who have been going for a while can gain something too?

A: Absolutely, and I'd be happy to help anyone at any stage wherever I can! I can't come up with your idea for you, but I can help you make a podcast about it a reality.

Q: Is this a network?

A: The HPP isn't a network, it's more accurate to think of it as a think tank where you can gain insights and advice from someone who has been doing history podcasting since May 2012.

Q: Where can I get more content about this?

A: The HPP contains 15 blog posts at its core, and is supplemented by several others. These will be posted below and can be found on The Vassal State blog home, but if you have a pressing question, please contact me through the usual channels, and I’ll do my utmost to get my secretary (ie - me) on the case.

Q: Is it really free? What do you gain out of it?

A: Yes! It is absolutely free! What I gain is the satisfaction of knowing that I helped another quality show come into being, and I gain the benefits of association with you as your star rises through the history podcasting ranks. I want to make history podcasting a viable and recognised alternative to other forms of history education, to harness this medium to bring history to more people than ever before, who may not pick up a big book and read it, but who WOULD happily listen to an episode or two. The best way I can achieve all this is to leverage the advantages I have at this stage of my history podcasting 'career'. 

Q: How do I get in touch? 

A: Your best bet is to email me wdfpodcast@hotmail.com but you'd also be wise to check out the When Diplomacy Fails Facebook group, since I'm treating that as a place not just to house my podcast's stuff, but also to jolly aspiring history podcasters along and introduce them to new fans and other veterans in the field. If you’ve a history podcast and you feel a bit lost, why not stop by, and our nearly 1,000 history friends would surely love to make your acquaintance!

Q: I want to donate to further the cause of the HPP - how do I go about doing that?

A: When Diplomacy Fails Podcast is forever linked to the HPP because the two things are both my babies, and history podcasting is as important as my own history podcasts are to me. For that reason, supporting WDF on Patreon will have a similar impact to supporting the HPP with a recurring donation. Thankss so much for considering it, I really appreciate your support!

HPP: the major blog posts:

HPP: In the future:

Here I’ve stuck blog post topics which I would like to cover in a ‘second season’ for the HPP. Please let me know if you’d like add any - most of these are suggestions from other people, so don’t be shy!

  • What hosting site do I choose when starting out?

  • What microphone should I buy?

  • Can I have a crash course guide to editing my show?

  • What tips on writing a script would you offer?

  • How do I read from a script without making it SOUND like I’m reading from a script?

  • How do I plan a long-form podcast series on a war/person/subject etc.

  • What are the pros and cons of scripted vs unscripted? Which is right for me?

  • Should I launch this podcast alone, or do it with a friend?

  • The pros and cons of a ‘History Of’ format

  • The pros and cons of a ‘cover anything’ format

  • How long is TOO LONG for an average episode?

Other useful blog posts

The Fine Line blog series, examining how and why monetisation is a tricky thing, why you shouldn’t feel guilty asking for money, but why you shouldn’t lose sight of why you started this, among other things.

The Pros and Cons blog series, in many ways a follow up to the Fine Line, where we go into more detail about the supposedly essential parts of history podcasting. Not sure whether you need a website or whether you should bother to ask for iTunes reviews? Look no further!

Miscellaneous posts, making use of an informative but still good-natured style. Nothing dry and dusty here, just information you can use to better your pod, or to prepare yourself if you’ve yet to start out.

Additional Resources:

Download this guide on how to reference and why you should be referencing here.

History podcasts helped by the HPP:

This is a list of history podcasts which the History Podcasting Platform played some role in helping to establish, however large or small. This list will be a testament to the success and importance of the movement, and I can't wait to get started!


The History of Vikings by Noah Tetzner. Subscribe to Noah's brilliant show on iTunes!

DESC: The Vikings were a truly legendary people. For nearly 300 years they ruled the waves of the Northern Seas and raided peaceful monasteries and towns along the coasts of England, Ireland, Scotland and France.

As raiders the Vikings had an infamous and beastly reputation. Pillaging, burning, and killing whatever lay in their path. They would stop at nothing to appease their desire for wealth and glory.

But apart from being excellent at raiding, the Vikings established a trading network that stretched from Finland to Newfoundland, successfully besieged the greatest, most heavily defended city in the world, discovered North America, and revolutionized the way that we build ships.

Not to mention the vibrant myths and sagas they told that are still capable of inspiring us today. The history of Vikings is a rich one, and I hope you’ll join me in rediscovering it!


Human Circus by Devon Field.
Subscribe to Devon's brilliant show on iTunes!

DESC: With Human Circus, Devon takes you along with medieval history's most interesting travellers, whether they be merchant, friar, pilgrim, crusader, soldier, ambassador, or explorer. We follow them into the Mongol Empire, Ottoman Constantinople, or the Hellespont, into Safavid Iran, Saadi Morocco, or Alexander's Gate. There'll be assassins, infinite porpoises, and the stone-cracking cold...


The History Podcasting Platform? Where do I sign up?

Do you want to take your podcast to the next level, but you’re not sure where to start? The History Podcasting Platform (ie - me) is here to help! Contact me via email, subject ‘HPP’, and so long as your show passes the certified WDF-HEALTH CHECK (ie - it doesn’t sound like garbage), I will happily give you free advice and an ad placement, all for free! Why? Because When Diplomacy Fails is all about making history thrive, and if I can help that happen, everyone wins! PLEASE don’t be shy or embarrassed; this resource is for shows just like yours!