'Love What You Do, and Be HAPPY You Do It!' HPP XI

'Love what you do, and be happy you do it'

Recently, I happened to track down an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast. If you weren't aware, Rogan gets loads of different guests on his show, sometimes the guests are kind of out there, other times they're fascinating. Naturally, as a history nerd, I was drawn to one guest in particular - Dan Carlin. Rogan's three hour chat with Dan Carlin might sound like a long slog, and sure, some stuff is a bit bizarre, but I would urge you to track it down on either Youtube or on your podcatcher. 

You can find the episode on Youtube here.

You need to listen to this episode if you're in any way thinking of starting up your own pod, or if you're having doubts about whether this pod of yours is really worthwhile. Specifically, I would recommend checking out the last hour and a half of the show, where Dan and Joe talk about the importance of having your own creative project, and of doing what you love. It's great to hear about Dan's process for growing his show, and it reminds us, no matter how big we might get, we all start small. 

Note that they also talk about small businesses, which may or may not apply, but in many ways, small businesses and a hobby on the side share similar characteristics. "A lot of people" says Rogan "have interests and they've never pursued those interests because they're f$&kin' tired". Oh by the way, if you're sensitive to language, maybe steer clear, but if not, then the wisdoms spouted here by both guys really encouraged me in my podcasting journey. Maybe it was because I was in an especially good mood, maybe it was because I had just been for a run, but afterwards I felt so uplifted, and so blessed to be able to actually do what I love.

It made me think 'ya know what, this isn't always easy and I'm not always great at it, but damn it feels good to have my own thing, and to get satisfaction out of it'. If you have a history podcast, or are thinking of setting one up, there has never been a better time to get in there. Don't do it because you feel like you should, do it because you feel like there's a creative hole in your life which would really benefit from being filled. Do it because hey, what have you got to lose? Do it because, at the end of the day, we could find a million excuses not to do something, but once you actually create something that is wholly yours, and you watch that thing grow, you'll never want to stop.

As for 'how do I make it grow', well that history friend is all part of the journey, but I can assure that it is a journey well worth taking.