WDF Remastered: 5 Weeks To Run Wild, PART ONE


Finally, the secret is out, and I am so incredibly excited to bring you guys this very special birthday celebration. Everyone, from the most recent history friend to the long serving Patron, is due to see great benefits and, above all, a whole butload of content.

In this post we examine what the next five weeks or so will look like; what's our schedule for the project, who can you expect to see in the future, and what kind of extra content is coming your way. I should add that on Monday, 22nd May part two of this post is released, but it looks at the more personal aspects of this project - what creating something this size and scope actually looked like in Zack's life, and what it taught me etc. Without further ado then, let's unleash this project on you guys!

For those of you that like to be surprised by what's to come, I should add that there is what you could call spoilers ahead!
For those that want absolutely everything all at once and don't want to wait for the end of this project to begin their feasting, to you I would say sign up on Patreon now, and you'll be able to nom nom on all of these episodes from the get go.

Everyone else, here's the deal...


After 143 days of work, 91 episodes and too much other details to count, WDF Remastered is   finally   reading for your consumption, and I cannot   wait   to see what you think!

After 143 days of work, 91 episodes and too much other details to count, WDF Remastered is finally reading for your consumption, and I cannot wait to see what you think!

On Thursday 18th, Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May, we will be releasing one episode to you guys. From Monday 22nd May 2017 onwards though, there will be at least two episodes released into the podcast feed. The episodes released will be composed mostly of remastered episodes, or episodes that I released between May and December 2012, here rewritten and redone, often from the ground up, and then freshly recorded, for you listening pleasure. On top of these we will be releasing collaboration episodes, known as 'collabs', and these will involve me talking with another podcaster, creator, historian or otherwise. Either way, they'll be on the show because I believe you'd benefit from their story and perspectives. These conversations really flesh the whole experience out, and give the project a special atmosphere befitting its fifth birthday, but that ain't all we've got!

In addition to the remastered episodes and the collaborations we have extra, original content often grouped under the banner of WDF THINKS. These episodes will sometimes be geared towards bringing out a particular study or area of history for the sake of drawing attention to my goals on Patreon. However, this is not always the case, and they shouldn't be seen merely as Patreon plugs, as they all contain original research and analyse a profoundly important portion of history. Such studies can help shed light on what we have planned for the future, as well as let you know why signing up would be a good idea if you're as obsessed about this podcast as I am.

Alternative history dives, questions on why studying history is important and some retouched TALK episodes will fill in the rest of the gaps, as we provide you guys with a solid 5 weeks of content, without skimping on quality. Sunday 25th June is our last proper day of running wild with this project, and on Monday 26th June I'll release the Epilogue, where you can find out for yourself what I thought of the overall response, and hear yourself listed off as a Patron if you signed up during the duration of the Remastered project.


All of this, obviously, took a long time to construct and prepare. I must state first and foremost that the primary purpose of this project is to celebrate our five years together, however, for those that want to help us out, I would really appreciate you guys simply spreading the word about it, through word of mouth or sharing us on social media. Simply by making light of the fact that we are in fact releasing this much content over the next five weeks; that we are running wild and telling those that are curious to come and find us, a real difference can be made. If the fact that 2 episodes every day for 5 weeks are en route doesn't make people double take, then I don't know what else to do!

During the Second World War, Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto declared that there was 6 months in which Japan could 'run wild'...but he obviously never had a podcast.

During the Second World War, Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto declared that there was 6 months in which Japan could 'run wild'...but he obviously never had a podcast.

On top of this, if you feel like you'd like to support us further through monetary means, then Patreon is the best way you can do that, as you'll not only have my unwavering thanks, but YOU will also get brilliant rewards yourself just for becoming a Diplomat. From $5 a month, you can access all the Xtra content that this podcast has to offer, and you'll also be sorted over the summer months, as during July and August the podcast takes an official hiatus while I settle into married life and take a much needed rest to recharge my batteries. 9 episodes over these 9 weeks will be available in the Xtra members' feed it has to be said, and these will provide the fan of this podcast with all they need to sustain their interest in Louis XIV's era, as we delve further into such issues as the French navy, the soldier's drill, military psychology, weapons and siegecraft. All of these episodes took much research to produce, but I genuinely enjoyed creating each one, so I hope that if you desire more information on Louis XIV's era, then you'll join up as a $5 patron and have a listen to Louis XIV Arms & Armies. 


Now then, what you've all been waiting for. Below are the details regarding what is due to be released each day, and is accurate as of 17th May 2017. Regarding the information on each of the episodes, I am providing just the episode names here, which means that if you don't recognise certain collaborations listed here...well first of all you could search the individual in question, but second you could drop me a line, perhaps on Twitter by using the #HappyBdayWDF or simply through my email wdfpodcast@hotmail.com

An additional technical note. If you look at this scheduled list, and you then look at the podcast feed and notice that any of these episodes ARE NOT there, please do let me know. I have done my utmost to ensure that everything runs like clockwork, but as the content piled up it became surprisingly difficult to rationalise and keep track of it all. That said, I fully expect it to proceed smoothly, but these days you never can be too sure.

Where Patrons get additional content, such as with the Kevin Stroud interview and the Alt Hist episodes, the number for normal listeners is denoted first, with the Patron number after.


Day, Date: (# of episodes released that day) episode info


Thursday 18th May: (1)
WDF Rem*: Introduction

Friday 19th May: (1)
WDF Rem* 0.5: Bannockburn Commentary

Saturday 20th May: (1)
WDF Rem*: Memory Lane Collage

Sunday 21st May: (1/2)
WDF Rem*: Kevin Stroud is HERE! [part 2 available through Xtra feed]


Monday 22nd May: (3)
WDF Rem* 1: The Franco-Prussian War Parts 1 & 2
WDF Rem* 1.5: TALK The Franco-Prussian War

Tuesday 23rd May: (2)
WDF Rem* 1: Travis J Dow Collab
WDF Rem*: WDF THINKS// Why History

Wednesday 24th May: (2)
WDF Rem*: WDF THINKS// Bismarck and Provocation Parts 1 & 2

Thursday 25th May: (2)
WDF Rem*: Robin Pierson Collab
WDF Rem* 2: The Second Punic War 

Friday 26th May: (3)
WDF Rem* 3: The Russo-Japanese War Parts 1 & 2
WDF Rem* 3.5: TALK The Russo-Japanese War

Saturday 27th May: (2)
WDF Rem* 3: Mark Painter Collab
WDF Rem* 4: The Spanish American War Part 1

Sunday 28th May: (2)
WDF Rem* 4: The Spanish American War Part 2
WDF Rem* 5: The Seven Years War Part 1


Monday 29th May: (3)
WDF Rem* 5: The Seven Years War Part 2
WDF Rem* 5.5: TALK The Seven Years War
WDF Rem* 5: Ben Jacobs Collab

Tuesday 30th May: (2)
WDF Rem*: Turtle Bunbury is HERE!
WDF Rem*: WDF THINKS// Prussia and its King

Wednesday 31st May: (2)
WDF Rem* 6: The War of the Spanish Succession Parts 1 & 2

Thursday 1st June: (3)
WDF Rem* 6: The War of the Spanish Succession Parts 3 & 4
WDF Rem* 6: Steve Guerra Collab

Friday 2nd June: (2)
WDF Rem* 7: The Great Northern War Parts 1 & 2

Saturday 3rd June: (2)
WDF Rem*: Vincent Rospond Collab Parts 1 & 2

Sunday 4th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 8: The American Revolution Parts 1 & 2


Monday 5th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 8: Jamie Redfern Collab
WDF Rem*: WDF THINKS// Poland in Crisis

Tuesday 6th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 9: The War of the Polish Succession Parts 1 & 2

Wednesday 7th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 10: The Wars Against The French Parts 1 & 2

Thursday 8th June: (3)
WDF Rem* 10: The Wars Against The French Parts 3 & 4
WDF Rem* 10.5: TALK The Wars Against The French

Friday 9th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 10: The Wars Against The French Parts 5 & 6

Saturday 10th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 10: The Wars Against The French Parts 7 & 8

Sunday 11th June: (3)
WDF Rem*: J David Markham Collab Parts 1, 2 & 3


Monday 12th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 11: The Mexican American War Parts 1 & 2

Tuesday 13th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 11: Thom Daly Collab
WDF Rem*: WDF THINKS// The Code of Honour and Foreign Policy

Wednesday 14th June: (3)
WDF Rem* 12: The Crimean War Parts 1 & 2
WDF Rem* 12.5: TALK The Crimean War

Thursday 15th June: (2)
WDF Rem*: Anne is a Man Collab Parts 1 & 2

Friday 16th June: (3)
WDF Rem* 13: The Boer War Parts 1 & 2
WDF Rem* 13.5: TALK The Boer War

Saturday 17th June: (3/5)
WDF Rem*: WDF THINKS// ALT HIST 'What if Gavrilo Princip Missed?' Parts 1 & 2
[parts 3 & 4 available through the Xtra feed]
WDF Rem*: Jordan Harbour Collab

Sunday 18th June: (3)
WDF Rem* 14: The War of 1812 Parts 1 & 2
WDF Rem* 14.5: TALK The War of 1812


Monday 19th June: (3)
WDF Rem* 15: The Boxer Rebellion Parts 1 & 2
WDF Rem* 15: Chris Stewart Collab

Tuesday 20th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 16: The Indian Mutiny Parts 1 & 2

Wednesday 21st June: (2)
WDF Rem*: Aziz - History of Westeros Collab Parts 1 & 2

Thursday 22nd June: (2)
WDF Rem* 17: The Austro-Prussian War Parts 1 & 2

Friday 23rd June: (2)
WDF Rem* 17: The Austro-Prussian War Part 3
WDF Rem* 18: The Russo-Turkish War of 1877 Part 1

Saturday 24th June: (2)
WDF Rem* 18: The Russo-Turkish War of 1877 Parts 2 & 3

Sunday 25th June: (3)
WDF Rem* 19: The First Italo-Ethiopian War Parts 1 & 2
WDF Rem* 19: Benjamin Ashwell Collab


Monday 26th June: (1)
WDF Rem*: Epilogue


Alrighty roo! On that very exciting note, I hope you're all looking forward to hearing these remastered episodes, feasting on such fascinating new content and hearing the perspectives of all of these great podcasters, creators and professionals I have lined up for you guys. Remember to use the #HappyBdayWDF when talking about this project on Twitter
Remember that the impatient folks among you can swing by the Patreon page and get it all in one lump amount, if you're that kinda history friend - nothing wrong with this skipping the que...this time anyway, don't do that in your everyday life it's really rude.