When Diplomacy Fails

The Vassal State - When Diplomacy Fails' New Blog!

A new era in WDF blogging is here!

It was time to face facts, wdfpodcast.blogspot.ie just wasn't working for me anymore. Sure, it was great for a beginner's blog, but for someone like me that likes to have literally everything in one place, I felt it only made sense to centralise everything around the website which I've spent the last 2+ years paying for and setting up. It also adds more into the idea that history will thrive here, because with a blog you're more likely to be able to read my innermost thoughts (on history podcasting that is) and be better clued in with who I am and what WDF is all about as we move forward. There's little point in saying that the website is 'where history thrives' when it's serving only as a depository for the archived episodes - such a function is useful of course, but it's not very exciting. Through this, as much as learning experience as everything else technological I do, I can better keep pace with events in WDF's life, and make sure that the blog constantly stays relevant, which should mean you'll have a genuine reason to keep coming back here!

The Vassal State as a name comes from the idea that this blog forms just a portion of what this site is all about, but that it couldn't survive on its own, so the blog as my vassal hands it affairs over to me. I also like the name, because as far as I know it's not yet taken, and Simpsons hasn't done it! 

As the first post, with the idea that I post each week along with the new episode, but don't necessarily always upload it here...we should see a gradually building community emerging. Coupled with the conversation and shopping community that'll hopefully come off the back of this, I believe it's a great way to bring WDF forward, and actually contribute towards this crazy world of history podcasting. Let's do it then - let's make history thrive!